h) the mojo two:
~~ adventures in lo-fi

a) The Mojo Two...
Adventures In Lo-Fi

Here we go... Recorded and mixed by Greg Berg at First Take Studios inside the Meltdown walls... Along with the late great Matthew Greenwald... Pleasantly introducing The Mojo Two!
1.ghostofmisssimone.mp3b) Ghost of Miss Simone
2.devilshole.mp3c) Devils Hole
3.issachayspad.mp3d) Issac Hays Pad
4.rudyrude.mp3e) Rudy Rude
5.groovin.mp3f) Groovin
6.mysticballistic.mp3g) Mystic Ballistic
7.gonedaddy.mp3h) Gone Daddy
8.preachit.mp3i) Preach It
9.glider.mp3j) Glider
10.comeallyerollingstones.mp3k) Come All Ye Rolling Stones
l) Greg Berg & Matthew GreenwaldGreg Berg met Matthew Greenwald at a rehab called Beit T'Shuvah located in West Los Angeles. Here they joined the music department and brought their brand of rock n roll into the Shabbat services on Saturdays. There was an instant chemistry as friends and musicians.
m) Greg BergGreg and Matthew also started a project called Bad Becca. They basically took 3 other rehab residents who had the heart but never had been in a band before.
n) Matthew GreenwaldYou can see us here and on YouTube under Bad Becca Live. Filmed by PlasticMeltdown's sinisterdub!

http://sinisterdub's YouTube/
o) Greg BergThe Mojo Two came about when Greg Berg moved into PlasticMeltdown's basement in San Clemente Ca. Matthew would ride the rail from Union Station regularly to record songs... With many different styles of music, itís hard to describe The Mojo Two. From folk to electronic and from rock n roll to reggae. Itís all here on our new release. The Mojo Two Adventures in Lo-FiÖ
p) Matthew GreenwaldVideos to look for are The Ghost of Miss Simone and Shovelin' Coal both by The Mojo Two.

All this is dedicated to Matthew Greenwald who left us all way to early. I miss my friend!
q) The Mojo TwoLong live The Mojo Two
r) The Ghost of Miss Simone
s) Shovelin Coal
z) Physical CD?
The Mojo Two: adventures in lo-fi
Look for it on PlasticMeltdown Records wherever all fine music is sold.